Where are they now? Former APN Resident Liaison Carla Ortiz

IMG_08691. When did you work for PNLV and what was your role/job?

I worked for PNLV in summer of 2015 as an APN Resident Liason.

2. Tell us about your business and the work you do as a local Realtor in helping families find an affordable home.

As a local Realtor my priority is to educate the community about the process of buying a home. Also, my passion is to let the community know that the “American Dream” of being a homeowner is possible. I provide information about first-time homebuyers programs that are available in the Lehigh Valley and surrounding areas.

Also, and most important, is to make sure that every person that required my assistance completely understands every single step of the process. From obtaining and understanding the loan process, to showing them properties, to getting the offer ready, to doing the inspection, and finally getting them to the settlement table and obtaining the key of their first home!

3. How does your time working with PNLV/APN and what you learned about your community during that time affect the work you do today?

During the time that I worked with APN I had the opportunity and the blessing to speak to families in the area. It was the best experience I have had in a long time. This opportunity gave me the chance to see the need of my services within the community. I was able to reach out to the families in the area, some of whom shared with me their fears and their needs. This experience helped to keep me motivated and to continue to serve and help our neighborhood and our community.

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