Where are they now? Dawn Robinson

We are starting a new series interviewing former Promise Neighborhood staff members and resident liaisons to find out what they are up to today and what their time with PNLV  taught them. First up is Dawn Robinson:

image11. What was your past role with PNLV and how long did you work for the organization?

I was Manager of Family Health Initiatives (I think that was my title), and I worked for PNLV for 2 years.

2. Your work on APN was fundamental in getting it started which has allowed it to grow considerably in the past several years. What do you think of the work it does in the downtown Allentown community today?

I think the work APN/PNLV does is extremely important. It engages residences in the conversation about what they feel are the biggest needs in the community–such as access to quality early learning, education for children from birth through college, and adequate healthcare and health services.

3. Tell us about your current job and live in New Orleans. What do you do there?

I am currently a school social worker at a K-5 school in New Orleans. I love the work I do, and get to work with children and families, just like I did with PNLV.

4. We understand that you are now a wife and mother. Congratulations! Tell us about your family.

My husband, Nick is an editor for a historic New Orleans company that focuses on the history of everything New Orleans, and our son Xavier is turning 1 in October. He is a happy baby, and keeps us very, very busy! We also have a little Boston Terrier who demands just as much attention as Xavier!

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