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Time Banking with NHCLV

In this month’s partner profile we’re learning about time banking from Janelle Zelko Hager, Community Exchange Liaison with Neighborhood Health Centers of the Lehigh Valley.

1. What is your title/role with the Community Exchange and what do you do?

I act as a coordinator of time banking at Neighborhood Health Centers of the Lehigh Valley. My primary function as a time bank coordinator is to enroll and engage NHCLV patients and partners into our local time bank.

2. What is the concept of a time bank?

A time bank is a group of individual and organizational members that can exchange their time and talents to benefit the overall community. Time banking is based on mutual respect and reciprocity, in which an hour of any service provided is equivalent to one time credit. Members can earn and spend time credits by providing and receiving services. One of the core values of time banking states that every individual has something to contribute to his or her community, and that everyone deserves respect.

3. How does time banking of volunteer hours help to support nonprofits in the community?

Nonprofit organizations are supported through time banking in a variety of ways. For example, an organization can earn time credits by allowing time bank members to utilize that particular organization’s space. In turn, the organization can then spend time credits that have been earned in order to obtain assistance from time bank members at a community event.

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