Three Questions with Timothy Mulligan of Communities in Schools LV

1. What is Communities in Schools and what does it do for the community?

logoCommunities In Schools is the nation’s largest and most effective dropout prevention network in America, serving 1.4 million students in 25 states and the District of Columbia. Our mission is to surrounds students with a community of support, empowering them to stay in school and succeed in life. The strength of our organization comes from its evidence-based model with proven results to increase graduation rates and decrease dropout rates.

CIS is dedicated to changing the picture of education in the Lehigh Valley, and providing the supports necessary so that every child can stay in school and succeed in life. In 2015-16, CIS serves 15,000 students plus their families in 22 schools in the Lehigh Valley. More than 2,000 of these students will receive intensive case managed supports that address mental health, basic needs, health, housing, tutoring, mentoring basic needs, summer and after-school programs, behavior and truancy interventions, parent and family engagement, career services, and service learning.

2. How do PNLV and CIS work together? What goals do the two organizations share?

CIS and PNLV work together in Easton and Allentown. CIS staff participate in PNLV committees to address the needs of youth and their families. CIS regards PNLV as a vital resource to the community that truly understands the needs, resources and service gaps. In that regard, CIS values the incredible data PNLV provides and we contour our service delivery accordingly.

3. What projects will you be working on with PNLV this year?

CIS is at the beginning stages of growing partnerships with PNLV. We share goals and aspirations around youth succeeding in schools. We are looking forward to developing new strategies to serve students and their families in the PNLV regions and work collaboratively with other service providers.

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