Three Questions with.. the owners of West Ward’s La Perla Tapatia

IMG_58131We interviewed Mariana and Alex Ramirez who own La Perla Tapatia on Northampton Street in Easton’s West Ward. They have generously opened their doors to EPN and hosted two of our monthly resident dinners this past winter. So we wanted you to get to know them in this blog post.

1. How long have you owned La Perla? What is its signature dish/specialty?

We opened July 13, 2012. We’re about to celebrate our fourth anniversary. What we sell the most are tacos but the dish that we consider our specialty is “La birria,” which is a type of beef stew that is made from chuck pot roast in a savory sauce. Another of our dishes that we make very differently from other restaurants is our “Bistec encebollado” or Latin-style steak with onions.

2. Why did you offer to hold the EPN Resident Dinners in your restaurant?

We live and work in this neighborhood and we feel that it is very important to be involved in community activities and to give back to our neighborhood.

3. What do you think about EPN and what it does to help West Ward families?

From what we’ve personally observed of Promise Neighborhoods, you work to keep children occupied with constructive activities, which keep them away from drugs, gangs and other ways of getting themselves into trouble. To us, this is very important.



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