Start of school year in Allentown School District means new dress code and uniforms

We’re excited for the start of the new school year in Allentown next Tuesday! Hopefully by now all families have obtained the school uniforms that are now required for all students in the Allentown School District.  The two APN Head Start classes that will begin at Mosser Elementary will also be required to wear uniforms.

ASD’s website sites the following reasons for deciding on uniforms:

1. We want to establish a business-like climate in our schools that indicates we are serious about learning and about safety.
2. Uniforms result in economic savings for parents and guardians over the usual costs of dressing students for a school year.
3. Discussions with the staff and the results of community surveys indicate strong support for a uniform dress code

See below for a list of the stores that carry uniforms. Also, attached a pdf of the English and Spanish guidelines for ASD uniforms.

The Archive: 627 Hamilton Street, Allentown, PA (uniforms available)

Boscovs: 400 Lehigh Valley Mall, Whitehall, PA (uniforms available mid-June)

Cintas Uniform Company: Online Catalogue (uniforms available year-round)

Forman Mills: 2150 MacArthur Road, Whitehall, PA (uniforms available)

French Toast Uniforms: Online Catalogue (uniforms available)

JC Penney Online: (uniforms available)

Kmart: (any area store) (uniforms available)

Lands’ End: Online Catalogue (uniforms available)
NOTE: Allentown School District Preferred School Number: 900157074
800-469-2222 (for phone orders)

New York Urban, Inc.: 740 Hamilton Street, Allentown, PA (uniforms available)

Sears: 1259 Whitehall Mall, Whitehall, PA (uniforms available)

Walmart: (any area store) (uniforms available)

Acceptable Clothing Brands:
French Toast
Generic/Store Brands
Land’s End


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