Simple Steps to help your infant develop

Does your new baby respond to your voice? Does he respond to the sound of his name? Does she smile back at you when you smile at her? These are all key signs in the development of your child.

The Simple Steps is a series of everyday steps you and your child’s caregivers can take to prepare them for success. It covers key signs you can look for as your child grows, warning signs you should watch out for and discuss with your child’s doctor, everyday tips for supporting your child’s healthy development at every age, and easy, fun activities you can do with your child.

Remember that every child develops at their own pace. Some children reach different stages of development a little sooner or a little later than others. Use this series as a reference when you take your child to the doctor for checkups and tell them what you are seeing.

Be the loving teacher your child needs today, so they can grow to be safe, healthy and successful throughout life.  Every step you take can help make your child a success!

Key Signs: birth – 6 months.

By the time your child is 6 months old, you should expect them to:

  • Make gurgling, babbling, cooing sounds
  • Respond to Voices
  • Enjoy interacting with others
  • Smile in response to smiles from others
  • React to emotions of others
  • Respond to their own name
  • Explore with their hands and mouth
  • Support their own head for more than a moment
  • Roll from their stomach to their back, and from their back to their stomach

Tips for success: birth – 6 months.

  • Read to your child every day
  • Make sure other caregivers form loving and comforting relationships with your child
  • Play on the floor with your child

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