Reimagining Entrepreneurship by Stefenie Sawyer

By Stefenie Sawyer, PNLV Project Manager – Entrepreneurship Without Limits

It’s that scene from Field of Dreams… you know it. Even if you’ve not seen the movie you know it. Let’s say it together, “If you build it, they will come”. It’s that moment in the movie where we were all inspired, watching the ghosts of baseball players creepily come out of the field, and watching the dreams of one man inspire an entire community.

I’ve often wondered if they’d follow up decades later to see if his dream really made any lasting impact. However, that line can sell a lot of dreams. This “field of dreams thinking” can inform strategies, create new programs, and cultivate a hero culture that at its core desires to create change, which is not necessarily a bad thing.

But what if this “field of dreams thinking” didn’t include everyone being able to built it? Do people who don’t live in the community that needs a new dream really know how to reimagine its new day? What if a community realizes that its best players are already found within and its not that it needs to be built so they will come, but that it needs to invite those players to join in the game and equip them for the work?

This is what PNLV is dreaming about as we begin our intentional work around cultivating the next generation of entrepreneurs in our schools, neighborhoods, and communities. We’re launching a new track called Entrepreneurship Without Limits. Removing limits on dreams and opportunities. Opening a pathway to the future. It’s this idea that our best future business leaders are right here waiting for an opportunity to live out their dreams.

Our question to you is, will you join us? What dreams are waiting to become reality? How would our community look different because those with dreams stay in Allentown? Be on the lookout for our new webpage, where you can take a next step. The future is bright and it’s right here in #OurAllentown.

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