Promise Neighborhoods supports the Walking School Bus

The staff of Promise Neighborhoods of the Lehigh Valley is pleased to support the Walking School Bus in the Allentown Promise Neighborhood downtown by volunteering to escort students to school. Central Elementary School, one of the three elementary schools located inside the APN, has a Walking School Bus since there is no bus system to provide transportation to all of the students who go there.

Walking School Bus

WSB volunteers include Central Elementary school staff (principal and assistant principals, teachers, community school director), parents, and community volunteers.

Each morning before school, three volunteers walk down the streets of Center City Allentown ringing a bell to get everyone’s attention. The bell is actually the most recognizable thing about the WSB since everyone can hear in the distance and knows what it signals. Volunteers wear orange and yellow vests and carry stop signs to be used for street crossings. Parents greet the volunteers at their doors and the kids line up behind the volunteers. The adults safely guide them on their walk to school as the children wave goodbye to their parents.

Walking School BusDepending on the day, anywhere from six to 40 children take advantage of the Walking School Bus. It creates a safe pathway for kids to get to school and fosters a sense of community. We are proud to have the WSB in our neighborhood and even more proud to be a part of it!


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