Great Schools

Students are Proficient in Core Subjects

Great schools, with high quality teaching and communities at their center, engage students and families in ways that are strong determinants of academic success. Our Promise that every student living in Allentown Promise Neighborhood will succeed academically must be matched by the quality of the schools they attend. Focusing partner resources on each student at each stage of their academic journey improves learning environments and increases the likelihood of student success.

Students have 21st Century Learning Tools

The world our students will enter requires that they learn how to learn. To succeed in the future, skills like creativity and innovation, collaboration, problem solving, and critical thinking will be just as important to master as core subjects like reading, writing, and arithmetic. Students in Allentown Promise Neighborhood will be prepared for the economy and jobs of the future.


Students Successfully Transition from Middle School to High School

Middle school to high school transitions can be daunting for students. This is often a time when changes in students’ physical and emotional health are made more difficult by changes in their school environment; often leading to lower academic performance and decreasing school attendance. Students in Allentown Promise Neighborhood will have access to mentoring and other supports to ease their transition during this key stage in their lives.

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