Graduate and Succeed

Students graduate from high school

Allentown’s success depends on graduating more students from high school. Allentown Promise Neighborhood is home to the fastest growing student populations in Allentown and the students with the greatest potential to drive economic growth from within and provide new leadership to our city. Ensuring that more students graduate from high school will boost individual earnings for neighborhood residents, home sales for our neighborhood, and job creation and tax revenues for our city.

Students prepared for college/career success

College graduates will earn as much as $1.5 million more over their lifetime than they might earn with a high school diploma. The fastest growing job industries in our community and biggest opportunities for future employment require education beyond high school – either a professional certification or postsecondary degree of some kind.

Every student, and family, living in Allentown Promise Neighborhood will have access to the college and career information necessary to pursue life beyond high school, succeed in the economy of the future, and meet the growing workforce needs of our community.

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