Our Promises


Every child born, living, and learning in a promise neighborhood will complete high school ready to enter college or pursue their career.

In Allentown Promise Neighborhood, key initiatives are being developed to strengthen our neighborhood by:

Ensuring every child has access to high quality early learning experiences

Every child should have the right to enter kindergarten healthy and ready to learn. A network of early childhood education providers, health care organizations, and the Allentown School District have come together to make sure access to high quality early learning and child and family health is available to everyone.

Connecting Neighborhoods to Great Schools

By focusing every Partner’s work with students on a common set of results for learning, we can achieve improvements in school outcomes no matter what roles we play in a child’s life. Community Schools are one strategy illustrating how this idea comes to life. Our approach to this idea, known as “collective impact,” uses regular reviews of the results from our efforts to ensure the Partnership remains accountable for children’s success. The findings of each review are made available to the community each year when we release our Neighborhood Scorecard.

Using a Neighborhood Perspective in Funding and Decision Making

Neighborhoods must own their success. Ensuring residents and families have a voice in defining the needs and opportunities for their children empowers them with the means to choose quality for their child and confidence to be stronger advocates for their child’s success. Supporting the choices of informed residents with our funding decisions honors their desires for their community. Promise Neighborhoods will always advocate for the inclusion of residents and families in the decision-making processes that affect the places they live and the learning experiences their children have.

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