Meet the PNLV Staff – Christian Torres

Christian TorresChristian Torres joined PNLV as our Bethlehem Promise Neighborhood Coordinator. Christian will help with our beginning efforts in Bethlehem as we continue to meet partners already serving that community and develop relationships with residents, government officials, business/nonprofits leaders, and higher education partners.

1. How long have you worked for PNLV and what do you do there?

I have been with PNLV since early July; actually, my second official day was my birthday, July 8. It was a great day between that and a surprise party I had later on! I am training with the APN team in preparation for my duties as future BPN coordinator; mainly, helping with the outreach workers’ efforts in surveying and also helped with the block parties for APN and EPN.

2. What is the most challenging thing about setting up a brand new Promise Neighborhood?

Public response. The residents we hope to serve are of varied opinion thus far with our determination for BPN’s initial location but we should have clear minds knowing BPN hopes to eventually cater to a greater portion of the residents of areas with concentrated disadvantages.

3. How do you think establishing a Bethlehem Promise Neighborhood will help residents of the Christmas City?

I hope to see greater proportions of college-ready graduates because the new generations of young people hold a great potential to make great strides for their community. Perception is a powerful tool to gather the minds and hearts of able and willing change-agents. We need to convince our communities that they are more powerful than they believe.

4. What’s your favorite part of the work you do for PNLV?

I end each day satisfied that my work was positive, impactful, and a part of a bigger picture. I fill each day with laughter and love, they’re in everything I do.

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