Meet the 2015 APN Resident Liaisons – Eliud Malpica

Eliud Malpica1. What made you want to get more involved in the APN neighborhood?

Because I like to be involved with my people, and get to know how I can help to make a difference in their life and the community.

2. Why do you feel that you are a good candidate to represent APN?

I think that I’m a good speaker and that I have the capacity of persuade people when something is very important for them, their child, and the community.

3. What are you most looking forward to in your role as a member of the APN Community Engagement Team?

To do the best job that I can with all my effort for this program to be successful, because I feel that success comes from the effort that you put into everything you do.​

4. What do you think of APN and what it does for our community?

I think this organization benefits the community and offers many opportunities and information​ to them.​

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