Meet the 2014 APN Resident Liaisons – Mallory Lundquist

Mallory Lundquist1. What made you want to get more involved in the APN neighborhood?
I have been wanting to get involved in Allentown since I moved here from the West Coast three years ago. I’m excited to be a liaison because I’ll get to know my neighbors better and serve them in real, tangible ways.

2. Why do you feel that you are a good candidate to represent APN?
Like many APN residents I lived in several states before landing in Pennsylvania. I am very aware of ways in which Allentown can improve to make it a safer, happier and stronger community for everyone. As it continues to grow and change, I look forward to helping residents and PNLV work together to have a voice.

3. What are you most looking forward to in your role as a member of the APN Community Engagement Team?
I can’t wait to meet all of you! Also, my teammates seem pretty awesome so far. It’ll be great to get to know them better.

4. What do you think of APN and what it does for our community?
I think the work that APN does is extremely valuable and needed. Its unique ability to step back and identify needs in the community, then work with agencies and organizations to address them is very important.


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