Meet new PNLV Board Member Jack Gross

Jack Gross1. How long have you been a member of the PNLV board of directors and why did you join?

I just joined the board this summer.

2. What about the Promise Neighborhoods mission and the work that the organization does in the Lehigh Valley community is most important to you?

I am a life-long resident of Allentown and see Promise Neighborhoods as filing a critical need in the city and throughout the Lehigh Valley. Allentown is a wonderful city, but like any community it has needs and making sure that all children in the City have access to quality educational experiences is a critical need. Having served on Boards and been involved with organizations that are serving the Promise Neighborhoods throughout the Valley, I have seen how much is being done, but also realized that to really help we need to understand better what the people who live in our Neighborhoods need.

3. What is the one thing that you want residents of our region’s three Promise Neighborhoods to know about the organization’s volunteer Board of Directors and its commitment to its mission?

Every child deserves a chance and I am committed to learning from the people who live in the Promise Neighborhoods how I can help give them that chance.

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