Meet Marek Tomanek, our PNLV summer intern

Marek1. Tell us about yourself. Where are you from, what are you studying at Muhlenberg College, and what year are you in?

I am originally from Hunterdon County, NJ about 45 min away from Allentown. I am currently a rising senior student-athlete at Muhlenberg College where I major in political science with a minor in economics.

2. How did you become connected with PNLV, and what will you be doing with us as part of your summer internship?

I became connected with the PNLV through one of my professors, Dr. Michele Deegan. It was in her research methods course that I became familiar with the neighborhood survey data that PNLV had gathered and what they are trying to accomplish.

My internship this summer is centered around becoming acclimated to the workings of a non-profit organization, and to aid in the creation and execution of events to promote some of the programs that are available to the people of Allentown and to engage with the community while doing so.

3. How will your experience this summer with PNLV help you with your studies and to be better at your future career?

One day I would like to run for public office, and before I can do that I have to gain an appreciation for all aspects of a community, from its people and businesses, to its major organizations and political situation. By being a part of PNLV I have an opportunity to interact and gain an understanding with all of those facets. I will use my experience here to increase my ability to represent the community as a whole in local politics. Be that here in the Lehigh Valley or wherever life takes me.

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