Get to know PNLV Board of Directors member Elizabeth Garcia

Elizabeth Garcia1. How long have you been a member of the PNLV board of directors and why did you join?

I have had the honor of volunteering my time with this board since September 2014. I wanted to give back to my community and I have always wanted to advance the ‘givers gain’ mentality of improving society as a whole while assisting my neighbors throughout the community.

2. What about the Promise Neighborhoods mission and the work that the organization does in the Lehigh Valley community is most important to you?

When you join a board, what you are really saying is that you agree to put your personal interests and ambitions in the background. You are there to best serve the best interests of that organization. With serving the best interests of an organization in mind, it’s important to choose social causes you are most passionate about. With that said, the PNLV mission to commit to the success of children, from cradle to career, is most important to me. I believe that an educated child today becomes a strong and independent individual tomorrow.

3. What is the one thing that you want residents of our region’s three Promise Neighborhoods to know about the organization’s volunteer Board of Directors and its commitment to its mission?

I want residents to know that the board consists of individuals that want to make a difference and have intentions to impact the community. We aim to contribute to the mission of the organization.

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