Get to know PNLV Board Member Eveily Freeman

EveilyFreeman21. How long have you been a member of the PNLV board of directors and why did you join?

I have been with the board since 2011 and working in partnership with the organization through my professional position with the Office of Community Engagement at Muhlenberg College since 2010. I joined the board as a resident of the initial nine block “Youth Success Zone” and have continued to be involved because I believe in place-based initiatives that recognize the unique context of individual locations. In addition, I believe that we must all play a role in preparing coming generations for sustainable success — this means getting to the bottom of what isn’t working for entire neighborhoods and individual families and working collaboratively to create positive change together.

2. What about the Promise Neighborhoods mission and the work that the organization does in the Lehigh Valley community is most important to you?

For me, the organizations drive to create synergy is at the core of the work. Doing collaborative work results in different results than having organizations work independently, even if towards shared goals. By establishing a pathway together, the destination changes and becomes ever more inclusive.

3. What is the one thing that you want residents of our region’s three Promise Neighborhoods to know about the organization’s volunteer Board of Directors and its commitment to its mission?

We believe each of the Promise Neighborhoods is successful! Residents know the edges for growth and points of struggle AND what the community is doing well. By working together we are better able to align resources, goals and action plans to support the already great things you do for your families and neighbors!

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