Get to know Measurement & Evaluations Committee Member Ron Dendas

Ron Dendas1. How long have you been a member of the PNLV Measurement and Evaluations Committee, and why did you join?

I’ve been a member of this committee since the beginning. When Promise Neighborhood was first forming I was given the task of compiling all of the data I could find about the “Youth Success Zone”. I joined because I love the idea of data being the strongest when it is shared, and this group has always had such a great approach to sharing what they’ve learned.

2. What about the Promise Neighborhoods mission and the work that the organization does in the Lehigh Valley community is most important to you?

No doubt about it, it’s giving voice to the community. The data we collect tells their story and belongs to them. We just supply a little “volume” to their voices.

3. How do you think the work that the committee does can best assist families in the PNLV neighborhoods?

By making sure those who serve those neighborhoods understand those neighborhoods. There have been many myths and misconceptions about our neighborhoods that have been/are being changed because of the great work of my colleagues on this committee.

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