Former EPN Resident Liaison Desiree Orta Quinones learns English with Project of Easton ESL classes

Where do you originally hail from?
I’m from Canovanas, Puerto Rico

What prompted you to want to improve your English reading, writing and speaking? Why was it important?
When I arrived in PA, my priority was to study English in order to get a job.

What were the Project of Easton classes like? How were you taught English?
Project of Easton offered the “English as a Second Language” classes that helped me get established in PA. It gave me the opportunity to study English, find the job with PNLV, and to make good friends.

How have you seen your English improve?
I was able to improve my English thanks to the Project of Easton ESL classes. Practicing with residents while carrying out the EPN survey and with my coworkers in Easton was especially helpful. For example, I was an interpreter between EPN Manager Ammar and a Hispanic person and he congratulated me because I was able to help with the interpretation. Project also invited me to volunteer activities so that I could help Hispanic people.

When the program ended how are you continuing to work on improving your English and communication with English speakers?
When I finished the ESL program, I continued to meet with a conversational English group so that I could continue to improve.

How do you think being fluent in English can affect your future and career?
English is a very important tool in my professional career because I can excel in the field that I studied.

What advice do you have for other Spanish speakers who might be considering learning English?
I would advise everyone that arrives in the U.S. and has difficulty with the English language not to give up because of a language that they don’t speak. Instead, find an ESL program and take every English class they offer because it is never too late to learn.

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