Earth Day Tips from PPL Electric Utilities

Earth Day is coming up. And while we as a society have done a lot to improve the environment since the first Earth Day in 1970, there’s still much that we all can do to reduce our impact on the planet we call home.

From an energy standpoint, here are a few tips and ideas you can use to make a difference:

  • Switch lighting, where possible, to LED bulbs. Not only do they use less energy than conventional bulbs, they last longer, which means less waste.
  • If you have spent CFL bulbs, please dispose of them appropriately, since the bulbs contain a trace amount of mercury. Information on CFL bulb recycling can be found at
  • Reduce the amount of paper you use by signing up for online billing — not only from PPL Electric Utilities, but also from other companies you do business with.
  • Have leaky faucets fixed – those drips add up to wasted water. And if it’s hot water, it may be wasting electricity as well.
  • Replace showerheads with low-flow models. That can save a family of four up to 15,000 gallons of water a year – which, again, adds up to less energy used to heat water.
  • Heating and cooling are major parts of your energy bill. Don’t overlook ways to manage temperature that require no energy use at all – such as installing awnings, using curtains, and even planting trees or bushes to control sunlight.
  • When landscaping your home or business, choose plants native to your area or climate that will require less watering or attention to thrive.

We at PPL Electric Utilities are looking for ways to limit our environmental impact as well.

For example, we’re proud to say that we’ve found a new use for old or broken power poles that will keep 1,600 tons of wooden waste out of landfills every year. We’re working with a new vendor who, in a responsible manner, uses the poles as fuel for producing energy.

In addition to lightening our load on landfills, this agreement also reduces our cost to dispose of the poles – supporting our ongoing efforts to operate efficiently and provide service that is safe, reliable and a good value.

You may also have heard that we’ve added 15 electric Chevrolet Volts to our vehicle fleet, and are installing battery-operated lifts on 12 of our bucket trucks. (For more information on electric vehicles, visit

We continue to look for ways to reduce the environmental impact of our operations.

And we hope you will do the same at your own home, or at your business if you own one. Because, working together, we can all make a difference.

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