Donate to PNLV for Giving Tuesday

Promise Neighborhoods of the Lehigh Valley  fosters cooperation to create safe, healthy, vibrant, inclusive neighborhoods, where children are expected to succeed in school and where adults and families thrive and prosper.
Guided by our commitment to the Nine Promises of the Promise Neighborhoods movement, during this past year, together, we accomplished:
· Inclusion of residents in neighborhoods in West Ward in Easton, and Southside and Pembroke in Bethlehem along-side the residents of downtown Allentown.
· Collection of reliable data so that Promise Neighborhoods learns with residents how to best support the families and children living in our community.
· Bringing together families and community resources through fun, informational Block Parties
· Working as one to benefit all families in our neighborhoods.
We thank for your ongoing support of our 501c3 nonprofit organization.  Please help us continue our work together with a gift this holiday season.
Your financial contribution helps the Lehigh Valley become a collection of vibrant neighborhoods where every family is strong, every child is born healthy, stays healthy, and every youth succeeds.
Please go HERE to make a donation online via PayPal.
Or mail a check made out to “Promise Neighborhoods of the Lehigh Valley” to:

1101 Hamilton Street

Suite 102

Allentown, PA 18102

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