BPN Pembroke Survey Highlights – Promise #3

In 2016 PNLV conducted a resident survey of our BPNĀ Pembroke neighborhood to determine the status of living conditions for families and children in four key areas. One of those areas relates to PNLV Promise 3 – “students feel safe and live in stable communities.”

The total number of completed surveys was 253, representing 43.2% of all households in the Marvine-Pembroke neighborhood.

Highlights include:

– 56.9% responded that they would continue to live in the neighborhood if they were given the choice.
– 72.7% reported that they have someone in the neighborhood that they could turn to in the case of an emergency.
– 19.4% reported volunteering with a community group or organization in the neighborhood in the past year.
– The most commonly mentioned other neighborhood issues identified by residents include litter/trash, speeding, unattended children, and motorcycle racing.
– 44% of the 139 respondents who have children in the home reported they would not feel safe having their children walk to school by themselves.

Download the entire BPN Neighborhood Survey Report here:

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