BPN first Neighborhood Survey about to get under way

As of last month, Promise Neighborhoods of the Lehigh Valley has opened our Bethlehem Promise Neighborhood in two locations in the Christmas City:

1. Southside – Census Tract 112 with approximately 2,500 housing units
2.Pembroke/Marvine with approximately 600 housing units

We are about to kick off with our annual survey to help us determine the needs of the community. We use a 39 question survey with questions about the health, safety, employment, and education of Bethlehem residents in census tract 112 located in Southside Bethlehem and residents in the Pembroke Marvine community on the North Side of Bethlehem. We have previously conducted similar surveys in downtown Allentown for our APN location, and West Ward Easton for our EPN location.

The goal of the survey is to obtain reliable community-level data pertaining specifically to these two neighborhoods in Bethlehem as they relate to four of our nine Promises:

  • Promise 2 – students and families are healthy
  • Promise 3 – students feel safe and live in stable communities
  • Promise 4 – students supported in learning by family and community
  • Promise 9 – students prepared for college/career success

BPN has hired nine resident liaisons from these neighborhoods to administer the surveys from July through early September. We encourage all residents in these communities to open your doors when the resident liaisons knock and take the time to talk with us. Your answers will help us learn how we can best help you and your children grow, learn, and succeed in life.

Please become a part of the conversation to help us improve your community! Thank you!

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