APN partnership with Community Bike Works means free bikes for downtown Allentown kids

Back in December, APN featured a story about a partnership with Community Bike Works, a non-profit organization in Allentown, which focuses on bike-building and peer mentoring for youth, as a way to encourage positive after-school involvement and professional development. APN, thanks to a very generous bike donation from “Bikes for Bill,” was able to give Central, Cleveland, and McKinley Elementary School students bikes to build at Community Bike Works.

We were able to speak with Ty’ee, a very proud 5th grader at McKinley Elementary School, about his bike building experience. As pictured, Ty’ee is almost done building his own bike, with only the pedals left to assemble.

APN: “What do you do here at Community Bike Works?”
Ty’ee: “We learn to build bikes. I’m in the ‘green group,’ and we all work on our bikes together.”
APN: “What do you like best about the program?”
Ty’ee: “We get to keep the bike! I also like helping other students put together bikes.”

APN also learned that Ty’ee attends the program regularly, and loves interacting with the other youth and staff. He also hopes to be an actor when he grows up, and was recently in the Wizard of OZ play at William Allen High School.

It is wonderful to see Community Bike Works and community organizations working together to shape the lives of aspiring youth like Ty’ee, and to see what a positive impact efforts like these have from beginning to end.

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