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Our Vision

Vibrant neighborhoods where every family is strong, every child born healthy, stays healthy, and every youth succeeds in school, graduates from college or other continued education and achieves life-long success.

Our Mission

Fostering cooperation among residents and with the Greater Lehigh Valley to create safe, healthy, vibrant, inclusive neighborhoods, which expects children to succeed in school and where adults and families thrive and want to live.

Allentown Promise Neighborhood

Allentown Promise Neighborhood is a culturally rich and economically diverse neighborhood of residents from Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Europe, Latin America, and the United States.

It stretches across 9 square blocks of The Old Allentown Historic District; bordered by Liberty Street on the North, Turner Street on the South, Hall Street on the East, and 10th Street on the West.

Our neighborhood is the focus of more than $2 million in program and service investments from our Partners. Take a look at where some of them are working in Allentown Promise Neighborhood.

Easton Promise Neighborhood

Easton Promise Neighborhood opened July 2015 after the success of the Allentown Promise Neighborhood. It stretches across Easton’s West Ward; bordered by 22 on the North, Butler Street on the South, 10th Street on the East, and 15th Street on the West.

Bethlehem Promise Neighborhood

Bethlehem Promise Neighborhoods opened July 2016 and is the first two-part neighborhood in PNLV history. The northern section is in the Pembroke and Marvine homes of the Bethlehem Housing authority bordered by Howard St. on the North, Garfield St. on the East, Pembroke St. on the South, and Marvine St./Fritz Drive on the East.

The Southern section of the BPN is in the city’s Census Tract 112 between Donegan Elementary and Lehigh University, from 3rd St./Rt. 412 down to Mountain Drive North, including the area between Rt. 412 and 4th St. near the Skateplaza.

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